Lossless Necrophagia - A Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness (2000) FLAC music download


Necrophagia - A Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness (2000) FLAC
Artist: Necrophagia | Album: A Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness | Released: 2000 | Label: Baphomet Records | Catalog #: BAPH2114 | Genre: Death Metal, Metal

Something lurks in the shadows...

Remembrance is strong...stronger than any poison. When I think back on those halcyon goredays of 1986-1987,I can't do it without remembering Necrophagia. I recall reading about them in some magazine and shortly afterwards I wrote Killjoy. A few weeks later I got the first demos of the band.The sound was horrible on those tapes and I love it. After I had listened to these "goremovies" in the form of songs, I sat down in my room and recorded a tape myself. I figured the quality of the sound wasn't really important and I sent that tape to Euronymous. Very inspired by Killjoy's vocals and with a horrible sound, the deed was done. A few days later I got a letter from Euronymous and a proposal to join Mayhem.

Anyway, back to Necrophagia. There was something in these horrible sounding tapes that went straight to my brain and infected it with dripping slime. To release this material now is like releasing an army of zombies on the world and I guess that the listener who will appreciate it are those die-hard fans of extreme music who will appreciate the sheer brutality and violence within these songs. Not really caring about excellent sound quality. My old tapes are worn out and in bad shape, so a CD will be welcomed in the house of hell.

I used to receive shitloads of demos back then and I always remember the difference between European and American bands, my personal liking have usually been the European bands, but Necrophagia has now stuck with me for over ten years and I still listen to it. Necrophagia was there to produce horror and to awake the living dead, in fact the horror never ended. So here you have it, as it was back then, one of my personal favorites ever...something awoke them from ancient slumber. From the dark side of horror in hell, music to accompany your worst fucking nightmares.


01. World Funeral
02. Lust of the Naked Dead
03. Hemorage
04. Ready for Death
05. Ancient Slumber
06. Black Apparition
07. Blood Thirst
08. Mental Decay
09. Communion of Death
10. Return to Life
11. Witchcraft
12. Autopsy on the Living Dead
13. Death Is Fun
14. Communion of Death
15. Insane for Blood
16. Rise From the Crypt
17. Kill
18. Chainsaw Lust
19. Demonic Possession

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Lossless music Necrophagia - A Legacy of Horror, Gore and Sickness (2000) FLAC download flac


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