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Jazz / Blues

The Jazz Jousters - The Next Chapter (2013) FLAC
Artist: The Jazz Jousters | Album: The Next Chapter | Released: 2013 | Label: Millenium Jazz Music | Genre: Jazz, Blues

Millennium Jazz Music is happy to announce The Next Chapter as the 20th Jazz Jousters album (excluding to special tributes) to conclude our second successful season as we make preparations to continue straight into our third season.

In this session we pay tribute to the American Jazz Vibraphonist Gary Burton (70), a master of the Vibraphone who is also known for his four mallet technique.

On this season finale with have a mixture of contributions from our regulars, our old and new Jousters such as, Gadget, Jaze Baqti, Es-K ft Mike Gerbino, Mr. Moods, SmokedBeat, Bones The Beat Head (including artwork), B 3 B N i with Spoken Word artist £ENA, Wriggly Scott, The Specialists, DJ Hellblazer, Koncise, Stay Classy, RickMal opens the project with a Jazz Jousters dedication, and even Gypsy Eyes gets on the mic to say thank you to you all on our behalf.


01.RickMal - For The Jousters 03:17
02.Jaze Baqti - Like Minds 02:44
03.£ENA & B 3 N B i - Lost In My Toughts 02:16
04.Bones The Beat Head - Back & Forth 02:33
05.DJ HellBlazer - Gary Blaze 00:48
06.Gadget - Lessons (Break Time) 03:29
07.Stay Classy - Burton's Mallets 03:02
08.Es-K featuring Mike Gerbino - Play The Jazz 02:08
09.Koncise - Plots 02:45
10.Wriggly Scott - Cash Money (Burton-Wriggly Remix Inst)03:20
11.Mr. Moods - Listen To What I'm Saying 03:33
12.SmokedBeat - Gary 03:14
13.The Specialists - Jupiter Interlude 01:42
14.Wriggly Scott - Cash Money (Burton-Wriggly Remix) 03:20
15.Gadget & Gypsy Eyes - The Next Chapter (Thank YOU) outro 01:44

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Lossless music The Jazz Jousters - The Next Chapter (2013) FLAC download flac


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