Lossless Lettuce - Outta Here (2002) FLAC (image + .cue) music download


Lettuce - Outta Here (2002) FLAC (image + .cue)
Artist: Lettuce | Album: Outta Here | Released: 2002 | Label: Velour Recordings | Genre: Jazz, Soul, Funk | Country: USA | Duration: 01:04:14


Ryan Zoidis, Sam Kininger - tenor saxophone;
Jeff Bhasker - keyboards;
Eric Krasno, Adam Smirnoff - guitar;
Erick Coomes - bass.

Additional personnel:

Tonni Smith - vocals;
Fred Wesley, Brett Sroka - trombone;
Neal Evans - Hammond B-3 organ;
John Scofield - guitar.

Swirling instrumental solos and dense harmonic flourishes вА¶ that reference вАШ70s funk and contemporary hip-hop rhythms.

Outta Here is the nastiest cut of straight-up, imitation-free, double-chunk funk this side of Drs. Brown and Clinton.

Hard-edged funk colliding with smooth soul, Lettuce's Outta Here lets you get your funk on with their groovy, no nonsense style.

With their new Velour Recordings release, Outta Here, Lettuce comes raw: no fluff, nothing smooth, just hard funk. The record combines the grit of the Meters, the harmonic textures of Herbie Hancock, and the hyper-tempo funk of live James Brown.

Back in вАШ92, the guys met at the Berklee summer program and were drawn together by their love of classic funk. Only 15 years old, they began taking over clubs and jam sessions in Boston, storming the stage whenever they could. Underage and with no gear, everywhere they went it was, "Let us borrow your drum kit" and simply "Let us play." And Lettuce (Let us) was born. Since that summer, the guys have all had success -- Eric & Sam play with Soulive, Adam drums for AWB and the John Scofield Band, Erick produces for Sunshine Anderson, Ryan was a founding member of Rustic Overtones -- but theyвАЩve all waited for this long-overdue reunion.

On the new record, Lettuce is joined by some of their heroes. Guitar great John Scofield rips on Flu the Coop and Back in Effect, to which Neal Evans of Soulive lends his B-3 chops. Trombone legend Fred Wesley lends some funk to the James Brown-inspired Superfred and the title track Outta Here.

Despite the recordвАЩs title, Lettuce is anything but outta here. The band is focused on their upcoming tour of the U.S. and Japan. ItвАЩs been ten years in the making, but LettuceвАЩs bid to re-land the funk mothership on planet Earth has begun. -- Amazon.com ~ Steve Graybow


01. Outta Here [04:52]
02. The Dump [03:51]
03. Squadlive [03:57]
04. Back In Effect [05:36]
05. Twisted [05:15]
06. Superfred [03:58]
07. Reunion [05:45]
08. The Flu [06:20]
09. Nyack [04:10]
10. Hang Up Your Hangups [06:59]
11. Nyack (Live) [13:26]

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Lossless music Lettuce - Outta Here (2002) FLAC (image + .cue) download flac


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