Lossless Mitch Murder - Interceptor (2014) FLAC music download

Electronic / Synth Pop

Mitch Murder - Interceptor (2014) FLAC
Artist: Mitch Murder | Album: Interceptor | Released: 2014 | Label: Mad Decent | Catalog #: MAD216 | Genre: Electronic, Synth Pop

Listening to the music of Mitch Murder is something that warrants your full attention. You don’t simultaneously wash your dishes or hang out with friends, NO! You close your eyes or you find somewhere with fresh air and a view to allow yourself to aurally experience the infinite landscapes and scenarios that Mitch presents to your eardrums. If you were born around the early 80’s, you're instantly hit with nostalgia with the smells and emotions of your childhood, but that’s just the start. One minute you may find yourself coming up on an enemies hideout with Mr.T and the rest of the A*team, the next minute you'll be speeding away on a stolen top-secret motorcycle with a microchip in your pocket. Soon enough the dark of the night vanishes as you land face first on the sands of Venice Beach, 1984. As far as the eye can see there's bikini babes, freestyle skateboarding, remote control cars and a new dance called break-dancing.


01. Saturdays
02. High Performance
03. The Touch
04. Race Day
05. Interceptor
06. Snow Crash
07. Breakazoid
08. Thanks For Playing
09. In The Fast Lane
10. Stages
11. Nocturne
12. Traces To Nowhere

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Lossless music Mitch Murder - Interceptor (2014) FLAC download flac


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