Lossless Spy from Cairo - Secretly Famous (2010) FLAC music download

Downtempo / House

Spy from Cairo - Secretly Famous (2010) FLAC
Artist: Spy from Cairo | Album: Secretly Famous | Released: 2010 | Label: Wonderwheel Recordings | Catalog #: WONDERCD-08 | Genre: House, Downtempo

The Spy From Cairo is secretly Moreno Visini, the artist formerly known as Zeb, who’s reimerged with a new album, Secretly Famous. An effort by The Spy From Cairo to consolidate as much Middle Eastern music as possible, every track focuses on a particular style of music from the Arab countries - all with his signature Afro, Dub and electronic stylings - from the fierce sounds of the Mizmar and Nay in “Nayphony” (which is an adaptation of traditional Jordanian music) to “Ana Arabi,” a song about being an Arab (not a terrorist) with beautifully sung lyrics by Ghalia Benali.


5:26 | 01. Nayphony
5:12 | 02. Kurdish Delight
5:02 | 03. Ana Arabi feat. Ghalia Benali
5:38 | 04. Kembe feat. Alladin
4:37 | 05. Jennaty feat. Ghalia Benali
4:42 | 06. Leila (a tribute to Mohamed Abdel Wahab)
6:12 | 07. Oud Funk
5:48 | 08. Blood and Honey feat. Ghalia Benali
5:50 | 09. Sufi Disco
5:32 | 10. Saidi the Man
7:21 | 11. Reggada
5:33 | 12. Ala Shan (original version by Farid Al Atrache)
5:58 | 13. Indian Dope feat Ghalia Benali

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Lossless music Spy from Cairo - Secretly Famous (2010) FLAC download flac


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