Lossless Tetris - Tetris (2001) FLAC music download

Downtempo / Electronic

Tetris - Tetris (2001) FLAC
Artist: Tetris | Album: Tetris | Released: 2001 | Label: Pork Recordings | Catalog #: PORK 079 | Genre: Electronic, Downtempo

Tetris, Tetris, Tetris!
Over the last few months, a stream of Pork artists have had the good fortune to DJ in Russia, and as is so often the case, like-minded musicians always find ways of meeting up. And so it was with Pork. Taking a few drinks at the cultural watering hole in Moscow called Propaganda, Pork stumbled across a group of highly talented musicians called Tetris, live residents at the afore-mentioned venue. Tetris are Vlad Lozinski, Pasha Hotin, Dima Rubezhov and all are accomplished musicians if nothing else the Communist regime under which they were brought up instilled in them great musicianship. When the iron curtain finally was drawn back, the music that found its way over to the 'trendier' parts of town was that made by such labels as Pork, with albums by Fila Brazillia, Baby Mammoth etc making staple listening for the boys. Which is why there is a thread of 'Pork' style in this release, although of course the lads add their own special twist. Being essentially a live band, the whole album can be performed live by the group, something which the label is hoping to bring over to the UK very soon. For once we are pleased to announce the Russians are most definitely coming.


01. I've Said (5:40)
02. Bye-Bye Baby (6:33)
03. White Russian (7:33)
04. Morning Glory (7:53)
05. Mellow (5:42)
06. Two Hours (6:17)
07. Recordsman (11:08)
08. Crenalin (4:24)
09. Nocturne M.T. (6:15)
10. Nocturne M.T.(Baby Mammoth ReMix) (7:01)
11. Two Hours (Q Burns Message ReMix) (8:00)

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Lossless music Tetris - Tetris (2001) FLAC download flac


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