Lossless Won James Won - Homeostat (EP) (2011) FLAC music download


Won James Won - Homeostat (EP) (2011) FLAC
Artist: Won James Won | Album: Homeostat (EP) | Released: 2011 | Label: Accessory Takes | Catalog #: AT049 | Genre: Ambient | Country: RU

вАЬEverything was yet unchanged вАУ the stares, the attitudes, the sounds, but he was no longer disappointed that the looks and sounds of a present terror were gone, or that the fear of apprehension was missing, because now he knew why there was nothing but apathy in the room. Hahaha.вАЭ
Hubert Selby Jr., вАЬThe RoomвАЭ, 1971

вАЬWhat you have to face is already gone, like ripples on a river, whose coming and going no man can record. You are part of the all. That is all there is. All is all. Is is.вАЭ
Jim Henson, вАЬThe CubeвАЭ, 1969
вАЬHere. Now. Yeah!вАЭ
Umberto Boycock, вАЬThe HomeвАЭ, 1988
Released 31 December 2011.
Sound produkt by Daniel Muscular Smirnkopf and Tikhon Hee-Haw Kubowsker.
Introducing retro-engineered fretwork by Adriano Astro Gankini.
Recorded und mixed June-December 2011 at James / BZDOK Studios, Russia.

Cover/Design by ZonderZond.


01. Das Ploppwu-U-Umwhaaasch Reproduktionszentrum (7:28)
02. –Ф—Г–±—А–∞–≤–љ—Л–є —Б–∞—А–Ї–Њ—Д–∞–љ –У—А–Є–ї–ї–Њ—В–∞–ї—М–њ—Л –Ш–≤–∞–љ–Њ–≤–љ—Л (6:01)
03. Lei ha la febbre orsoline (8:36)
04. A Cunt in White (Zvezdaz Meets Camazotz Version) / –Ґ–Њ–љ—П –Я–∞—В—А–Є–Њ—В–Ї–∞ (10:08)
05. Home Alone 7: The Discombobulation (11:07)

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Lossless music Won James Won - Homeostat (EP) (2011) FLAC download flac


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